Véga chale
Véga chale
Véga chale
Véga chale
Véga chale

Véga chale

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Brand Values
Made in Belgium
Super Kid Mohair & Silk
100% Natural Materials

Materials & Model
One Size Fits All"
Soft & Comfortable

Your chale can be aired rather than washed regularly. Try to space the washes as it's made of natural fibers.
If there is a stain, it can be washed by hand. Soak the chale in a small amount of water with a product that washes high-quality wool.
Do not rinse or use fabric softener. Dry flat chale.

Other information
Write us and we'll create your dream châle with your chosen colors and size.
We have no stock as our production is made in small series.
Each piece is unique & exclusive.