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In 2014, Valérie caught the attention of ICHEC students who wished to do their thesis on Knitwear development. For the occasion, she created a small collection of beautiful knit sweaters and elaborated a business plan. Little did she know then that her project would soon become a successful handmade knitwear Belgian brand.


As she was able to knit her dream sweaters with her favourite colors and materials, she naturally became her own brand ambassador by wearing her creations made of a very high-quality mohair to benefit from its incredible softness. Shortly, demands started to increase from friends who fell in love with her designs and the quality of her products.


One day at the Belgian coast, Valérie met Edouard Vermeulen (creator of Nathan) and showed her knitwear collection to him. He loved it and immediately ordered 30 pieces for Nathan, which he sold under Maï’s name in his shop in Knokke. He was also seduced by the fact that her articles were made in Belgium.


This momentum gave her the confidence to continue to develop her brand and she then approached other clients.


The returns were extremely positive for these reasons :
The high-quality of the materials used (a mix between super kid mohair and silk) enable the sweaters to be softer than any other brand as well as being extremely comfortable.
The brand is entirely made in Belgium. Meaning it’s local, short-circuit, which enables a low-carbon footprint to the whole production and distribution.
Every piece is handmade with natural and animal-friendly materials and each sweater is unique.


Maï is now present in many different stores in Belgium and around and also enables you to create your high-quality dream sweater, just like Valerie did herself in the beginning. You pick your favourite colour and model and then deliver your unique and handmade knitwear, made in Belgium.


Valérie Hanneuse, CEO of Maï







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